Wa Handmade Wondrous Hand Soap

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With beautiful Sakura on the surface, this hand soap never lose its sakura design even after washing.
It’s because of a special technique.
A specially-processed Japanese washi paper is pasted on one side of the soap.
So the design keeps remaining even after washing.
Applied technique is decoupage technique that means carving or cutting up.
It is technique of re-painting after adorned the surface with pattern that is drawn on the paper or napkin and cut paper.
It is said that an Italian furniture upholsterer who got the idea from Japanese Urushi crafts created this decoupage technique first in 17 century.
This hand soap is made by hand one by one by Japanese craftsman in Shizuoka Prefecture.
It is not mass-produced by machine but you can see spirit of craftsman from beautiful Wa pattern.
No exact same pattern as it is handmade so it becomes the only one original soap.
It got award from The Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 2012.
As surprising gift for someone special or even just as decoration it’ll add a kind of exotic touch to your place.

Size of Soap : 7.5 cm (H) × 5 cm (W) × 2 cm (D)
Size of Box: 10 cm (H) × 6 cm (W) × 2 cm (D)
Ingredient : Soap materials, Water, Glycerol, Sodium chloride, ETDA-4Na, etidronic acid4Na, Perfume, titanium oxide
Handmade in Japan
※ This soap is for hands not for body, face or hair.
※ Note that not to soak the soap long hours in water and rub hardly or its dezign might come off.
※ We can’t ship some countries because of customer’s country’s international law which prohibits imoport of some ingredients in this soap (We are afraid but Germany, Austalia,etc, we can’t ship becuse of law)

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