Traditional Japanese Hakone Yosegi Wooden Secret Puzzle Box (4 Steps for opening )

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Hakone Yosegi Zaiku is special technique which is created by Jinbei Ishikawa who lived in Hakone in the late Edo period.
Characteristics of Hakone Yosegi Zaiku is its special patterns created and made by best use of the colors and the grains of the natural woods.
This special technique has been succeed to genaration to genaration since Edo period until now even though the number of skilled-craftsman has been decreasing.
Each one is handmade so there might be slight differences for patterns or colors.
Some people use this trick box like surprising box as gift or souvenir putting something important in the box.
It is designated as traditional handcraft by minister of international trade and industry.

You need 4 steps for opening this box.
Instruction paper for opening lid is attached..

Condition : New
Size : 12 cm × 8 cm × 5 cm (External Dimension), 7cm × 6 cm × 4 cm (Internal Dimension)
Material : Wood
Producing Area : Japan (made by Japanese skillful craftsman )

※ There may be slight differences for colors and patterns as it is handmade

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