Tatami Migusa Mat Coaster

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Tatami is a traditional straw mat found in Japanese house.
This tatami mat is handmade by tatami craftsman in Japan.
For material, it applies Migusa instead of rush in consideration of waterproof.
Migusa has also superior durability and does not emit dioxin when it is burned.
Its structure also takes over rush’s function with a lot of breathing holes on the surface that adjusting humidity.
So it is as it were breathing Tatami.
This unique handmade coaster can be used not only just as coaster but as stand for flower vase, figure and interior decoration by hanging on the wall.

Size : 12.5cm × 12.5cm × 1.5cm
Main Material : Migusa (polypropylene & hygroscopic calcium carbonate )
Handmade by Japanese Tatami Craftsman

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