Neko (Cat) Zushi (Sushi) Nya-ta Display Set

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Litteraly Neko Zushi = Cat’s sushi.
Cat(Neko) on top of rice instead of fish.
They are just not only Kawaii but made down to the every detail as you can see.
They are said to have been appeared in between the gaps.
But I or most of us can not see them in modern lives.
Maybe it’s because we lost the gaps in our busy lifestyle
Included characters are Nya-ta, Ma-go, Shakebu, Wasabi, Toromi.

Nya-ta with lobster and Japanese leek on his back is main character of Neko Zushi.
Ma-go wrapped in egg is Nya-ta’s friend and a little naughty.
Shakebu wearing prawn-shaped necktie is manager of Neko Zushi company.
Wasabi with cubumber on his back is the third young leader of Neko Zushi market.
Tromi with Japanese school backpack on her back is idol character in Neko Zushi family.

This Neco Zushi figure is display type so you can enjoy them by putting on table cabinet anywhere.
Note that this is mysterious unusual life-form not sushi so you can’t eat it.

Figure Size : 3.5 cm (H) × 4 cm (W) × 1 cm (D) (Approx.)
Main Material : PVC
Manufacturer : KITAN CLUB

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