Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure Joseph Joestar Wonder Festival 2014 Winter Limited Figure

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This figure of Joseph Joestar is limited figure which was sold in Wonder Festival in 2014.
There is also normal version of this figure that is sold at ordinary store.
The difference between them is optional parts and color of the clothes.
Clothes of upper body of normal one is blue and its scarf is orange while limited one is green for both clothes and the scarf.
This green color is that of anime version on TV.
Optional face of impish smile and balloon plate of ”Urepi Happy Yoropikune” also comes with the figure.
Reproduced mighty body shows Joseph’s power.

Figure Size : 1 cm (Height)
Box Size : 23 cm (H) x 13 cm (W) x 8 cm (D)
Material : ABS, PVC, NYLON
Release Year : 2014
Manufacturer : Medicos Entertainment

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