Japanese Wallet Gamaguchi Sakura and Rabbit Pattern Purple

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Gamaguchi is Japanese wallet with a metal clasp.
Gama means Toad and Guchi or Kuchi means mouth.
When you opened the metal clasp it is as if like Toad opened its mouth (Gama’s kuchi) so it is named Gamaguchi.
Toad itself is regarded as a auspicious creature like beckoning cat (Maneki Neko) in Japan that some people relate Gamaguchi to economic fortune and luck with money.
This Gamauchi is traditional Japanese wallet since the Meiji era (1868-1912).
People usually use it for keeping coins inside.
This is handmade wallet as well as made in Japan.
Purple color with Japanese symbol sakura cherry blossoms and rabbit.
Easy to carry and handy to take out when you need it.

Size : 9cm × 8cm
Color : Purple
Pattern : Sakura cherry blossoms and rabbit
Main Material : Polyester Chirimen Crepes (Chirimen cloths made of polyester)
Brand : Kyoto Shinmido
Handmade in Japan

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