Japanese Traditional Handmade Fox Mask

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You might see this fox mask at occasions such as Japanese traditional dancing festival.
Foxes are believed to have some kinds of mysterious power in old days so they were worshiped by local people as symbol of god or sometimes Youkai(Japanese style ghost).
This fox mask is also used by young people as cosplay costume because of its appearances in Anime and heavy metal girls band such as baby metal recently.
This is handmade mask and each one has been painted by hand that it’s not exactly symmetrical.
But that makes the mask original and gives it a unique taste.
It is finished with plaster paint on the paper pulp.
You can hear ting-a-ling sound of small bells attached to the mask.
Just hanging on the wall also makes exotic atmosphere.

Size : 22 cm (H) × 14 cm (W) × 10 cm (D)
Main Material : Paper, Plaster
※ Note that this is handmade mask so there is slight diffences of its shape

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