Godzilla Tin Toy Made By Billiken

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This tin toy of Godzilla walks by wind up key. Walks slowly swinging its arms. It also open and shut its mouth while walking.
It has rollers on the sole of the feet so that the walk is not like raise and lower the feet but you can enjoy Godzilla’s strength at each step.
This tin toy’s unique part is the press working (not just an normal printing) that is applied to express Godzilla’s dimensional skin.
You can enjoy powerful touch it has because of that special technique.
This Godzilla was made using 1950s old tin making technique in 1998 in Japan.
There is also another brown color Godzilla but as you can see this is green color version.
Enjoy the quality tin toy!

Condition : Secondhand
Size : 170 mm (H) × 80 mm (W) × 130 mm (D)
Material : Tin
Brand : Billiken
Producing Area : Japan
※ This is secondhand figure and its box is damaged so please check all the pictures carefully for condition before purchasing

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