Furoshiki Autumn Cat

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Furoshiki is traditional wrapping cloth which is used since old days in Japan.
Its origin is said to have been Nara period and history dates back to Muromachi period when feudal lords used it for wrapping their clothes before taking steam Furo (steam bath).
When it became Edo period, local citizens also used it while at the sento or to carry items and wrap their gifts.
With the appearing of plascic bag, paper bag and styling bag, Furoshiki became less popular.
Now the concept of Furoshiki is being reevaluated as eco-friendly, handy to carry.
Wrapping gifts by Froshiki also means good care for gifts and represents paying respect, hospitality to others.
You can use Furoshiki in many ways such as gift wrapping cloth, carrying bag instead of plastic bag, table mat, etc.

Size : 50cm (H) × 50cm (W)
Main Material : Cotton
Made in Japan

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