Cats gathering in Japanese Wa Tatami Mat Room Display

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Cute cats gathering in traditional Japanese Tatami Mat room.
What are they talking about?
Talking about Sweets? Fish? or just relaxing? yes only cats know!
On the table are rice cracker, Japanese sweets and dumpling.
Tatami mat, sliding door in the back and hanging scroll of white cat make warm touch in the room.
This cat miniature house is all handmade using mill ends, clay, wire by Japanese creator.
You can see delicate work and spirit of creator in this miniature house.
When you are tired for something just looking at this cat gathering might makes you a relaxing and a happy time.

Miniature House Size : 11 cm (H) × 13.5 cm (W) × 10 cm (D) (Approx.)
Main Material : Mill ends, Clay, Wire
Handmade by Japanese creator

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