Cats enjoy Sakura Cherry-blossom Viewing Display

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Cute cats enjoy viewing Sakura or cherry blossoms.
April is the season of Ohanami in Japan.
It is not only human who enjoys the beautiful Sakura but cats do.
3 cats have seated at a table under a cherry blossom while other 2 cats have sat on a log side by side.
All of them looks relaxing and enjoying a comfortable moment.
This cat miniature is all handmade using mill ends, clay, wire,etc by Japanese creator.
You can see delicate work and spirit of creator in this miniature house.
I asked her inspiration of her work.
She told me she had a staring contest with its materials all day when she gets down on her work as her work is an original and no reference there is.
She makes, breaks and turns the materials.
It’s the moment she giggles in spite of herself when she happens to notice she herself gaze absently with her arms folded in front of the materials.
But after all that working and thinking, it takes shape and gives her happiness and excitement of filling her works filled with her room.
That’s the moment she is convinced she loves her work.

When you are tired for something just looking at this cat gathering might makes you a relaxing and a happy time.

Miniature House Size : 10 cm (H) × 21 cm (W) × 5.5 cm (D) (Approx.)
Main Material : Mill ends, Clay, Wire, cotton
Handmade by Japanese creator

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