Cat & First Star Handmade Sandblasted Glass

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Carved on the glass is cat looking up at the shinning first star in the night sky.
This glass is special flashed glass usually used for only Edo kiriko.
Special flashed glass is made by skilled craftsman putting and covering colored glass to original glass one by one.
For this glass, blue flashed glass is used inside original glass in pale blue color.
At last process this is made using sandblast technique one by one by Japanese sandblast craftswoman.
I visited her workplace and I could know that this glass was made by special machine for sandblast and her hand one by one.
Motif of this cat is cute cat she keeps.
Blue gradation is beautiful in itself just for displaying but if you pour orange or red colored drink such as juice, wine, it will reflect evening or fantastic touch, too.
From ordinary scene to a special occasion or just as ornament it will shine and make a happy time.

Size : 9 cm (H) × 8.5 cm (W) × 8.5 cm (D)
Capacity : 240 ml
Color : Blue and Pale Blue
Main Material : Special flashed glass for Edo Kiriko
Handmade in Japan
※ This glass is not heat-resistant and not microwave-safe glass so please don’t pour boiling water or nuke in microwave.

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