The origin of name

LINK means “Wa” in Japanese.
This Wa means circle, cooperation, connection, harmony and peace.
Combining all these thoughts and initial letter of Japan JLINK was named.


The origin of JLINK

I was once traveler rather backpacker who traveled around the world.
Through my travel I could see and experience many things in the world.
Before I go abroad I didn’t pay that much attention to myself as being Japanese.
But all the experiences through my journey made me think deeper about my background and Japanese culture.
I realized there are many unique things with quality in Japan.
Thankfully I also had an experience for selling Japanese goods and got many kind words as feedback from the people in abroad.
So I decided to start this JLINK on my own.
I’d like to become one of the bridges between Japan and the world with all the thoughts that put into the name JLINK.



Offering made in Japan and Japan-related items from old to modern.
We focus on unique, rare items and handmade items in Japan.
Our policy is to establish connections and make the happiness of people through shopping Japanese items.
We think that happiness and relation between customers, craftsmen, the creator and the maker are the most important.
We sometimes might ask craftsmen or visit their workplace directly if possible to know more about them and their works.
More than half of the items we deal with are handmade, not mass-produced by machines so even though we can not sell many at once each work piece has a craftsman’s thought and soul.
Few items might not made-in-Japan but all of them are made under official licence in Japan.
We would like to treasure the links between hearts beyond border all around the world.


Hiroshi Yanagida

2-5-6, Kamikizaki, Urawa ward, Saitama city
Saitama 330-0071


mailtoAjlinks.jp(Change A to at sign)

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